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last updated at 2005-09-30 17:58
DanC: KeithDaniels - January 6, 2005 - 17:17
chimezie: After much browsing through DBA-related literature, this was the most comprehensive guide for the absolute guts
chimezie: Covers the complete DB design, motivation, method of access, internal representation, adherence to RDF model, you name it
chimezie: Even covers some aspects of administration (the documentation for which is very sparse for the purposes of actual installation)
chimezie: One important thing to note is that the implementation is not context-aware, but there are unused placehoders suggesting support for context-aware models is in the near future
chimezie: LIterals and URIs are interned for maximal datastore efficiency. Containers and BNodes are first class objects, and the 'rulebase' (the inference engine) is packaged with standard RDFS enclosure rules.
chimezie: A SDO_RDF_MATCH function is provided for triple pattern-based querying and has a syntax that is almost directly analagous to RDQL
chimezie: Connectivity is through the standard protocols: ODBC,OCL,JDBC (python connectivity - using mxODBC/unixODBC/Driver - might be a possibility)
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