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last updated at 2005-09-29 22:50
dmiles_afk: But you have to scroll down into text box
dmiles_afk: ignore hte POS info .. its not really used right yet.. if at the bottem you get ?G14818 then it didnt understand it
jhendler: CMSC 498w - the course I will be teaching in the Spring
jhendler: Just starting to really think it through - would welcome suggestions
DanC: looks like one for Educational Materials for Web Architecture
DanC: "With Isar, Isabelle offers a concise proof formulation language which enables a user to write proof scripts naturally understandable for both humans and computers."
jhendler: seems not everyone is in love with the technorati stuff :-)
jhendler: more importantly, read the plaints near the end and think about what Sem Web could do for these guys
DanC: W3C Interest Group Note 29 September 2005
ldodds: Updated and more comprehensive audioscrobbler services
ldodds: They seem to have dropped the FOAF export although the profiles contain "mbox_sha1sum" elements and a comment: "RDF coming soon, honest"
ldodds: Short leap to FOAF using XSLT, and on the upside the recent playing, top tracks/albums data contains MusicBrainz ids
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