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last updated at 2005-09-22 20:18
danja: Ajax kit
danja: client-Javascript/server-Java
danja: allows you to forget about servlets
danja: (mostly) just works, I think it's saved me a lot of time
danja: unfortunately in-browser Javascript is still in-browser Javascript...
inkel: Lorebot sits in IRC channels and checks for logged in and identified users, then displays this information on a webpage, along with creating a human readable form of the data stored in their FOAF.
danbri: Podeis uniros a la lista de correo del GIWS, visitad la página web
danbri: Thanks Damian!
danbri: Screenshot:
Coffee Break
chaals: Por favor, paramos un ratito para un café...
danbri: Not updated for SPARQL services yet, but gives a good idea of the relationship between querying and RDF graphs.
danbri: The "WHERE" clause in SPARQL can be thought of as an RDF graph structure with some 'unknown' parts labelled with variables. RDFAuthor gives a GUI for authoring these, and marking as unknowns.
danbri: Note that SPARQL's added sophistication (eg. OPTIONAL sections, or querying about properties of the source graph) makes such an RDF GUI-based approach a little incomplete.
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