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last updated at 2005-09-21 15:30
crschmidt: An example of why it doesn't matter how the data is stored in the backend, only how you expose it.
crschmidt: Built from RDF data by previous flickr2rdf link
danbri: (More) software to export your metadata from FLickr into RDF/XML
danbri: All this goes to show the "I want my data back!" theme in action. We don't need to use 100% SemWeb tools to create SemWeb data... And having SemWeb RDF export means we can invest time and attention into sites like flickr, knowing the data can be extracted and re-used elsewhere.
danbri: With XSLT'd rendering of the data back into HTML, example
crschmidt: Uses flickr's API and masahide's flickr and exif tools to create a single RDF file describing the photo, given a flickr ID
crschmidt: See album listing
crschmidt: Uses XSLT to transform on .xml files
crschmidt: Sparql Search for image regions + XSLT over results
danbri: (who are described in FOAF/RDF that Chris's Julie bot has loaded, and signed-in with Freenode IRC's nickserv bot)
danbri: Lists names of people mentioned in it (using Dave Beckett's online SPARQL query demo service).
danbri: =""
logger: See discussion
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