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last updated at 2005-09-20 23:45
sbp: Essentially such as a mischumping.
sbp: URIQA and SPARQL services
sbp: And the intimation of things to come
chimezie: "Triclops is an interactive, RDF querying interface which allows users to execute Versa queries on remote and local RDF graphs. The results can be viewed in a variety of formats, two of which provide a way to interactively navigate and constrain 'views' to resources in the correponding RDF graphs"
chimezie: Documentation is available (could use some more elaboration)
chimezie: For example: a jpeg graph of foaf:Person, loaded from
chimezie: Depending on how much load the graphviz renderings put on the server, I may pull the SVG/Jpeg diagramming capabilities
chimezie: The documentation doesn't mention it, but the graph leaves out rdf:type arcs (for brevity) and labels the nodes to describe the classes they belong to (using Notation 3 in most cases)
KjetilK: This example is a group of Opera Employees
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