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last updated at 2005-09-15 20:29
karlUshi: Still not RDF Import :(
karlUshi: But SVG Export :)
karlUshi: Example of Atom FOAF modelization
karlUshi: I wonder if DanC efforts are still on his agenda gleaning RDF from omnigraffle diagrams
karlUshi: I sent an email to their dev Team and they are not opposed to the idea to have an import RDF feature, but they haven't made commitments.
chimezie: Redland's approach as an alternative to quads
chimezie: "This is a collaborative effort to collect the requirements needed to define a set of cross-platform API's for RDF data stores. The focus will be on those aspects that are specific to the RDF data model with as little dependencies on implementation as possible"
chimezie: Includes references to most of the major RDF data store interfaces (rdflib|4Suite RDF|Redland|Jena|JRDF) - at least those that are well documented
chimezie: Abstract RDF Interfaces
dajobe: congrats. how many triples can it store?
dajobe: <swh> dajobe, um, more than 20M
swh: actully requires CVS version of rasqal, not whatever it says in the README
KjetilK: My first release of my new Scutter module
KjetilK: It can store to any Redland storage, and returns a Redland model
KjetilK: It is also built on LWP::RobotUA, which means it is a well-behaved little bot
KjetilK: It respects robots.txt and will sleep when needed to not overload remote servers
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