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last updated at 2005-09-08 17:07
OWL editors and their underlying toolkits (triples or other)
bijanp: Protege uses internal format (and DIG to interact with remote reasoners]
bijanp: Triple20 uses triples directly. (So it is an OWL editor by editing the RDF triples of an OWL document)
EliasT: pOWL - Semantic Web Development Plattform
bijanp: I believe pOWL works on triples but don't know for sure.
bijanp: pOWL being a database based editor might be the best example for SPARQL.
bijanp: Swoop uses the OWL API, not triples
bijanp: OilEd I believe, with very good cause, to not use triples. It uses DIG to interact with remote reasoners.
bijanp: Note that Swoop, Protege, and OilEd all have a base vs. full inference mode
DanC: cf SPARQL use case 2.17 Building Ontology Tools
bijan: OntoTrack I believe and would be shocked if it used triples directly. It doens't have a "told" mode. All editing is done with full reasoning all the time.
bijan: Which, I've said to the authors, is nuts :)
bengee: afaik, pOWL uses RAP's persistence layer (which is statement-based)
bengee: OWLchestra uses a relational db for OWL models. (I managed to build a SKOS editor on top of an RDF store + API + SPARQL queries, not sure if that'd work for OWL as well, though...)
recent feedback on SPARQL
DanC: pfps's comments have lots of good examples
logger: See discussion
DanC: jos's msg on subgraph/entailment, including a prover9 proof of the OWL disjunction worker example
DanC: <timbl> It is not friendly to reply with two results, one of which entails the other.
DanC: the worker example in Enrico's msg from July 2004
DanC: definition of lean from RDF Semantics
EliasT: Triple20 -- An RDF/RDFS/OWL visualisation and editing tool
DanC: Enrico's comments ask for a SPARQL core with formal semantics exclude GRAPH/BOUND, which suggest re-opening the SOURCE and UNSAID issues.
DanC: The worker example seems to conflict with section 2.1 Specification of RDF Schema/OWL semantics of the DAWG charter, "if OWL DL semantics are supported by a service, that may be evident in the description of the service or the virtual graph which is queried, but it will not affect the protocol designed under this charter.'
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