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last updated at 2005-09-03 20:52
sbp: See also Using --strings to output text
karlcow: Well barely a manual. What does the rules mean? How should I use them? Can I generate HTML? Does it have to be in the same file or in a third file? etc. This is an explanation for people who already cwm very well. Not a newbie guide.
karlcow: I'm collecting my progress in a mail right now that I will send later on to www-archive
sbp: It's easy. You have lots of ?SUBJ log:outputString ?OBJT triples. When you use --strings in the cwm command line, all the ?OBJTs will get printed out in the order of the ?SUBJs
sbp: So { "a" outputString "hello " . "b" outputString "world!" } will output "hello world!"
sbp: It can generate HTML if you want, and the triples simply have to be in cwm's current working store--they could be in an input file, or inferred from rules, etc.
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