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last updated at 2005-08-18 22:20
danbri: Exploring subsets of RDF and Atom. I think there's just about a profile in the middle...
danbri: I see it as a migration path for RSS1, potentially.
DanC: yours truely to W3C/IETF liaison list
crschmidt: Designed to be an extension to RSS 2.0: a rewrite of the spec with extension, documentation, etc. in mind, geared towards RSS 2.0 backwards compatibility
crschmidt: Also conflicts with an earlier version of RSS 3.0
DanC: "FuXi (pronounced foo-see) is a forward-chaining, rule-based system that expands 4RDF to include reasoning capabilities via interpretation of explicit implications expressed in Notation 3 ..."
DanC: "Fuxi depends on Pychinko, rdflib, and CWM (just the 1.82 tarball is sufficient and suggested). Pychinko's interpreter only uses CWM for it's N3 log/math/os function implementations."
DanC: "implementing a SPARQL engine on top of our LDAP gateway would be almost as challenging as implementing an XQuery engine!"
DanC: by Eric van der Vlist
DanC: in proceedings of Extreme Markup Languages 2005
DanC: "A first proof of concept has been implemented with Orbeon PresentationServer that transforms these queries into XQuery queries using a XSLT 1.0 transformation and queries an XML database (eXist)"
chimezie: Reasoning capabilities via FuXi/Pychinko/Versa
chimezie: Feed aggregation and normalization (via Universal Feed Parser) as well
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