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last updated at 2005-08-04 22:59
rich_holygoat: Marmite FAQ
libby: see also wikipedia entry
DanC: 14-18 Nov 2005 Atlanta, GA
DanC: I'm thinking about going... to see stuff like Powers on "Street RDF"
DanC: hmm... we still haven't taught the chump about events, have we... hmm... hcalendar...
danbri: I took image from their site and made it into a clientside HTML imagemap. Gets me thinking: what extra meta is needed to make that work relate to GML/KML, assuming the map is reasonably realistic? (ie. could be overlaid on other maps of the city)
danbri: Question is loosly related to SVG, see SVG 1.1 part 7.12: Geographic Coordinate Systems.
DanC: "evnt is a project developing a range of web based software applications for handling events, location and calendaring. We are currently building our first application, an online tool for calendar sharing."
DanC: "Evnt is being developed by Timo Arnall, Jack Schulze and Matt Webb. The project was commissioned by Arts Council London in 2004 to develop a clearer picture of media arts activities and to provide support for projects working in similar territories."
DanC: hmm... wiki with DesignPatterns
danbri: I'll write it up properly another time, but just to give a sense of the complexity. This lays out thumbnails in 3d space, quite prettily.
danbri: Needs Google Earth (formerly, "Keyhole").
danbri: Kinda handy, it seems. As I'm doing just that now.
dajobe: the API has changed since then but to add multiple types of results. This code assumes the result is variable bindings, doesn't test for it with if($results->is_bindings())
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