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last updated at 2005-08-03 18:55
dajobe: every entry with a DOAP description
dajobe: (some schema fixes needed)
dajobe: DOAP ruby on rails in rdf/xml
dajobe: what is doap? see the DOAP: Description of a Project site
dajobe: DOAP over atom
dajobe: <content type="application/rdf+xml">
dajobe: <doap:Project>
DanC: cool...
dajobe: there's a little bug in the doap over atom (at present) not valid rdf/xml. early days
dajobe: various triples with URI values, also trying to have a literal value (content)
dajobe: this is in the doap atom. the standlone doap files are ok
dajobe: edd explains more on OSCON, CodeZoo and DOAP
ianalchemy: A discussion of RDF in the context of Wittgenstein's works on meaning and language
danbri: A little too "them and us" for my tastes. Plenty of semwebbers share those concerns; concerns which apply to many information-sharing activities. Logic, for all its limitations, can often help untangle confusions that arise when sharing information.
jhendler: Sorry, this one almost makes Shirky's first argument seem less dumb -- the notion that an artificial symbol system on the Web somehow violates the principles of human thought ala Wittgenstein is too ridiculous
jhendler: when will these guys understand that we're not trying to make great statements about knowledge in the universe but get some technology to support machine communication and the like
jhendler: ahh well, at least he knows enough not to call logic "Syllogism"
jhendler: (in my AI talk I summed up Shirkey's argument as: Syllogistic reasoning doesn't work; We should not use things that don't work; Therefore we should not use syllogistic reasoning.
jhendler: couldn't resist)
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