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last updated at 2005-08-02 21:06
danbri: I've just sent this to the SWBPD WG and RDF-in-XHTML TF lists, so may as well share here also. Feedback welcomed (particularly from those who actually _use_ these link types in HTML).
danbri: "This document describes an RDF representation of XHTML 2.0's built-in link types. It is based on the Metainformation Attributes Module of XHTML2, and uses W3C's RDF Schema and Web Ontology languages to describe several kinds of relationship that can hold between information resources."
danbri: It's still a little rough; wrote it all this afternoon (the RDF design itself was done a couple months back). See also linktypes.rdf the raw RDFS/OWL document.
danbri: Pellet claims the vocab is OWL Lite, which is new territory for me. It hardly uses any OWL, really; but being able to represent the inverses is handy. Note the extra rdf:type stuff in...
danbri: Nearby: taskforce mailing list
dajobe: where rdf and xml meet. again.
dajobe: this time with normative relaxng and xml schemas plus xquery and xslt examples
CLoCkWeRX: Something I saw via /., a collab of a few people looking to assert quality ratings on open source software. Sounds suspiciously like DOAP is just what they are wanting
CLoCkWeRX: After making the suggestion, they seemed keen: any DOAPers who feel up to selling people on RDF / etc, wander on over and drop them a line or two
bijan: I find it hard to believe I've not chumped this before.
bijan: Before you waggle your finger at OWL DL, check out DTDs with fixed-value IDREFs! NP-hard.
bijan: XML Schema...Undecidable.
DanC: "MURATA Makoto offered a proof that the RELAX NG conformance problem is solvable in linear time"
DanC: " It turns out that the RELAX NG conformance problem is NP-hard3 when the schemas are allowed to use W3C XML Schema Datatypes"
DanC: " It turns out that the Schematron conformance problem is so difficult that it is undecidable." er... why is this a surprise? Schematron is turing-complete, no?
DanC: hmm... cites wikipedia, e.g. [Wikipedia06], without a date
DanC: aw... anti-climax... the result regarding XSD is in terms of key/reference stuff, and says little about the system of complex types
DanC: my struggles to build monopod; tonight's episode ends in failure
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