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last updated at 2005-07-27 22:21
danbri: Discussion welcomed on the DL stuff in particular.
ear1grey_: Misdiagnosis of a recent speech by Adam Bosworth at the MySQL user's Conference
danbri: I remember Adam Bosworth at QL'98 asking that XML drop its doc-oriented SGMLisms and adopt an RDF-like edge-labelled graph data model; see also Andrew Layman's position paper from that workshop. Andrew was on the RDF Schema group for a while.
danbri: "By graphs, we mean objects having properties and relations to other objects, where the relations are directed (and have inverses) and where there may be multiple paths to an object" (from Andrew Layman paper, and consistent with what I recall of Bosworth's '98 talk). Similar structures resurfaced in the SOAP Encoding notation btw.
danbri: It seems there's a communications gap, if RDF is seen to be some obscure, complex, KR thing; yet its critics have advocated much the same data model. I suspect SPARQL's importance in the world might be largely narrative, as a way of teaching people about RDF. Even if they then access it via another API instead.
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