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last updated at 2005-07-15 20:50
danbri2: I made an example XML document that seems to be legal Atom 1.0, and legal RDF/XML.
danbri2: Nearby, rough notes and atom-syntax archives (in Atomic Age thread; archive not updated yet).
danbri2: There are lots of Atom idioms that are going to mess this up. Specifically, anything that has a <foo x="...">blar</foo> structure; RDF can't read that. But for data-oriented feeds (jobs, events, ...) this could be a worthwhile area to explore.
danbri2: I made another example, from Nature's RSS1 Jobs feed: a3.xml. Confirmed OK by atom.rnc and the RDF Validator.
danbri2: This is interesting, as it shows a data-oriented feed, where the good stuff is all in extensions, ie. info about a job advertised by the document/entry.
danbri2: Nearby in the Web, RDF: Extending and Querying RSS channels, by Libby and DanBri (Nov 2000; I'm nothing if not persistent :)
danbri2: Hmm... If the RDF/Atom thread checks out, maybe the Nature guys would consider making an experimental RDF/Atom feed so we could try SPARQL-querying it...
DanC: see also Data Syndication, danbri's braindump of a few days ago
danbri2: Of related interest, Tim Bray's comparision of RSS2 and Atom.
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