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last updated at 2005-06-23 20:59
DanC: if you like this, got any other ideas I can/should write about?
DanC: oops... I thought the title was "Untangling..."
DanC: working with editors can be... interesting. I wrote "There is a natural tension between persitence and availability." They changed it to "A natural tension exists between persistence and availability" presumably to avoid the "There is..." construct. hobgoblin.
dajobe: I only just noticed my purl home page here ;)
jhendler: a German SW conference
DanC: hmm... introduction slides refer to technorati tags
DanC: in Purdy's presentation about .Net CLR types and xsd, a "things to explore" slide says "xsi:id & xsi:ref"; sorta close to RDF
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