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last updated at 2005-06-08 14:27
dajobe: windows, binaries only, license unknown
dajobe: (well, java + dlls so half-portable)
ldodds: uses a "desktop" to organize facts. As files are opened these are viewed as "sub-directories" under the current desktop ("includesContext"). Triples are viewed and edited using a table view
ldodds: round tripping data ends up with UI related properties in the RDF, e.g., and hasMember (describing the hierarchy)
ldodds: types found in the RDF source are presented as sub-folders of the given context, so you can drill down to see Persons, Things, Documents, Points, etc.
ldodds: when saving can opt to create a version (autofile rename). also supports export to WebDAV
ldodds: uses Jena underneath, plus JPF. There's a mailing list
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