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last updated at 2005-05-30 14:34
Discussion - are scripting langauges on the semweb just for prototyping?
libby: comment - javascript client and say, java backend works well, whereas all scriting or java client and java backend work less well
libby: comment - scripting languages are incredibly useful for simple problems - the first scripting languages boom - anables people to concentrate on the business logic
libby: comment - distributed data problems - named graphs are required; also difficult to know how to put RDF in html (or next to it, or linked to it etc)
libby: SWBP take note ;)
libby: good rdf librariy for rdf and perl?
libby: answer (from Chris' talk this morning): pure perl toolkits seem to be outdated, but Redland and RDFStore are C libraries with perl bindings
libby: prolog: SWIprolog is pretty good I think
CaptSolo: resolves place names to enhance them with more info - Zool is somehow involved :)
libby: try searching for bookshelf learning java on KMI website
CaptSolo: a demo of Distributed KMi Library Usa Case (see below)
libby: "Purpose: To provide a open-source interface for ISBN retrieval using free software"
libby: the service queries 600 libraries but still doesn't get everything
Semweb scripting usecase: Use Case: A Minimal Effort Distributed Library for KMi
logger: See discussion
libby: writeup to follow on semweb scripting workshop site
logger: See discussion
libby: uses foaf/dc/geo/skos!
libby: been chumped before but happening right now... :)
libby: and the paper for semweb scripting workshop at ESWC
CaptSolo: motto - "foafing-the-music"
libby: some brief notes
CaptSolo: and a demo
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