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last updated at 2005-05-29 18:09
chimezie: see previous N3/4RDF references
chimezie: file are here
dajobe: for redland 1.0.1 plus minor fixes
dajobe: with latest sparql (rasqal), grddl, rss enclosures (raptor), mysql store updates, sqlite store now usable, ...
bengee: uses ical, foaf, dc, and mindswap's conf vocabulary
bengee: fixed some bugs from source doc at and added missing chair and presenter info
bengee: I'm not sure about my addition of foaf:homepage to workshops, as they appear twice (once before, and once after the break), which will smush the two Vevent resources..
bengee: some photos of esws 2004. There are no ESWC 2005 pics uploaded or linked yet. you are encouraged to change that ;)
dajobe: lots on internationalisation in rss
CaptSolo: Keynote 1 by mc schraefel (University of Southampton)
CaptSolo: Workshop at ESWC 2005
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