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last updated at 2005-05-23 22:17
erim: The Simile project just released Piggy-Bank 2.0 beta release.
erim: Piggy Bank is an extension to the Firefox web browser that turns it into a ?Semantic Web browser?, letting you make use of information on the Web in more useful and flexible ways.
erim: Of the many things you can do with Piggy bank, one of them is to share the information you have saved by publishing it onto a Semantic Bank
erim: details of the Semantic Bank are also available, but in short a Semantic Bank is the server companion of Piggy Bank that lets you persist, share and publish data collected by individuals, a team or community.
erim: here is an example of integrating this data and doing useful / interesting things - in this case projecting RDF data of earthquakes onto a map
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