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last updated at 2005-04-13 22:45
libby: to be improved
libby: probbaly
mortenf: work in progress by jim
dajobe: based on a simple http protocol design
dajobe: can go from sparql+data to xhtml or other xml, via xslt i one webapp step
dajobe: see the example link at the bottom
dajobe: based on the simple protocol ideas I wrote to the dawg
danbri: What I've been making today...
danbri: I made a new Wordpress installation. Installed Redland from Debian (testing). Built PHP bindings from Debian src. Goofed around copying to where I should've told the php bindings to expect it. Installed SparqlTool.php and had it talk Sparql to my local Redland store and remote RDF. Made some PHP functions that load and refresh remote RDF files into a context. Made a function...
danbri: Thanks to MortenF, DaveB, grappa... and to Asemantics for hostliness...
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