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last updated at 2005-04-07 20:15
danbri: (PDF papers from INTAP's recent SW event)
danbri: Great venue for sharing your RDF/SW experience. Note that this year's DC conference explicitly calls out W3C SW and Ontology community as a group to engage with.
danbri: 15 Apr deadline looms (though if timing is difficult for you, I suggest getting in touch rather than quietly giving up). Connecting the RDF/SW scene better with the DC community is pretty important. So get writing! :) Hope to see you in Madrid...
DanC: DanC to DAWG 5 Apr
DanC: re RDF ql survey by Haase et. al.
DanC: Dan Connolly (Monday, 21 February)
CloCkWeRX: I haven't been able to lay hands on this yet, being at work - has anyone seen tools similar to this?
CloCkWeRX: Trevor F Smith, the developer, seems a bright lad, and if it doesn't already it might be worth running the idea of easy RDF / XML export from 93photostreet by him
chaalsMEL: An article I wrote that tries to give people with XML a brief intro to RDF and how it works
chaalsMEL: Translated by Steve because my version was written in Spanish, and I was too lame to translate it back in time.
chaalsMEL: Any comments and criticism welcome, 'cause there is a much longer article that this was culled from which I plan topublish "real soon now"
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