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last updated at 2005-03-16 18:10
mortenf: RESOLVED: next meeting takes place in #swig @ 2005-04-20T17:00Z
FOAF meeting item K: "Stuff"
crschmidt: Semweb pages from crschmidt contain pointers to new stuff I'm working on (when it's up)
mortenf: new since last meeting: Friendly Reviews by mortenf lets you subscribe to movie reviews from your friends
mortenf: copenhagen in june, alongside other conference and other meetups on open source, blogging etc.
mortenf: foafcamp revival in enschede late august?
mortenf: copenhagen at time of dexa, late august
mortenf: bristol some time late in the year (to celebrate)?
mortenf: someone once mentioned italy
libby: but noone knows who...could that have been asemantics?
mortenf: could very well have been, so that might be instead of enchede?
bengee: let's all meet at danja's place and pet the spec pets ;)
mortenf: crschmidt to continue work on vocab tools (unless danbri beats him to it)
mortenf: mortenf to continue actions re weblog and planet foaf
mortenf: still available action items: updating DataSources and Tools
mortenf: also available: review of sparql docs with foaf eyes...
mortenf: RESOLVED: TwoPropSplit selected
mortenf: ACTION: mortenf to complete writeup, include main alternatives in docs
mortenf: ACTION: iand to work on bio's use of ISO8601 vs W3CDTF
logger: See discussion
mortenf: ACTION: mortenf to continue...
mortenf: suggested agenda: a) Actions from last meeting, b) The issue process experiment and new/other issues, c) BirthdayIssue, pending decision (on TwoPropSplit?), d) FOAFCamp --- or: "Where and when do we meet this year?", e) "Stuff" --- neat things and activities, f) Next meeting (last agreement was for 3rd wednesdays @1700Z)
logger: See discussion
mortenf: attending Morten Frederiksen
crschmidt: eating lunch Christopher Schmidt
kasei: attending Gregory Williams
CaptSolo: attending Uldis Bojars
esigler: attending Eric Sigler
bengee: attending (late) Benjamin Nowack
phenny: Attending: Phenny Palmersbot
mortenf: next meeting 2005-04-20T17:00Z in #swig
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