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last updated at 2005-03-10 21:27
DanC_lap: in 62nd IETF
DanC_lap: Bradner: note we're not doing what we were chartered to do. that's on purpose. [!]
DanC_lap: newtrk seems to be thinking about branding, esp the "RFC" brand, and how it mixes perhaps too many things
DanC_lap: many references to "the IDS document", evidently Internet Standards Documentation (ISDs)
DanC_lap: Klensin: ... if we're going to keep these in XML, we'll need a DTD, and we'll have to make that somehow. [no! use relaxng!]
finin: a handy "cheat sheet" listing common RDF/RDFS/OWL classes and properties, popular namespaces and terms, XML datatypes, reserved terms, grammars and examples for encodings, etc.
Folksonomy has done more in the last 4 months for metadata than the Semantic Web did in 4 years. Eat your heart out Tim Berners Lee.
IETF Plenary
DanC_MSP: "A new serivce: Audiocast" no MBONE
DanC_MSP: network... no host... all volunteer
DanC_MSP: audio streaming info
DanC_MSP: plenary of the 62nd IETF
DanC_MSP: graph of wireless usage... 10x as much 802.11b/g vs. 802.11a . speaker recommends A
DanC_MSP: IETF 62 agenda (with links!)
DanC_MSP: noncom report slides show IESG and IAB candidate slates
DanC_MSP: nominating committee communicated with over 1000 individuals regarding candidates
DanC_MSP: up to RFC 4000
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