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last updated at 2005-02-23 20:44
danbri: RDF thesaurus, topics, category etc stuff. coming out soonish as a w3c working draft. V relevant to FOAF...
danbri: index.rdf and ../doc/* get combined by specgen.rb in ugly ways to create the awesome beauty of the foaf spec.
danbri: I hereby promise to update the FOAF spec with 5 issue resolutions within 14 days of someone fixing specgen.rb so it uses Rena Ruby library, or Redland Ruby APIs, or a Python rewrite.
danbri: specgen.rb is only a couple pages of code...
crschmidt: I will take this on as action item to rewrok to work under Redland, and probably in Python, at least to start
crschmidt: Ruby is not one of the few languages I know yet :)
danbri: that's great, thanks :)
danbri: See especially vocab management task force, which is concerned with the social process around namespace management. Drawing on DC, FOAF, SKOS etc experience, and hopefully feeding into them.
danbri: At SWBP, also check out SKOS and Wordnet work...
1st IRC FOAF Meeting, 2005
crschmidt: Christopher Schmidt, moderating
mortenf: attending Morten Frederiksen
logger: See discussion
libby: sort of attending, Libby
danbri: DanBri
ronwalf: attending Ron Alford
bengee: attending minutes 10 to 42, bengee
CaptSolo: Uldis Bojars present
crschmidt: Next Meeting March 16th, 2005, 17:00Z
libby: 2005-03-26 1700 UTC in your timezone
libby: logs of the meeting
crschmidt: We usually congregate in #swig for use of the chump (#foaf doesn't have one). Meeting is in approximately 5 hours from now.
crschmidt: Feel free to stop by and watch, or contribute. My main goal is to establish a list of goals, and a resolution process for them, so that the schema and projects related to it can go forward.
crschmidt: Additionally, any discussions which need to occur prior to the Tech Plenary for further F2F discussion would be appropriate for the meeting, which should last about 90 minutes, but I make no guarentees :)
sbp: Agenda: see the FOAF Issue Tracker page.
danbri: In advance: I'm looking for ruby hacker help: rewrite the namespace management script to use Ruby Rena library... (or Python at a pinch...)
jhendler: all you WGers will appreciate this one
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