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last updated at 2005-02-17 23:19
dajobe: I updated the sparql results so you can do ASK, CONSTRUCT and also see syntax results with the raw syntax output option
danbri: Via Joho the Blog (David Weinberger). Uses SKOS, Dublin Core etc.
danbri: Nice use of their faceted browsing system...
libby: ha, I just found that too and via it masaka's page
PhUrl: ""The ESPERONTO project is due to end in February having developed tools to allow anyone to upgrade normal Web content into Semantic content by making data machine-readable, while providing applications for end-users to be able to use this enhanced content.""
PhUrl: from Kalfoglou, Y., Alani, H., Schorlemmer, M. and Walton, C. (2004) In Proceedings of 3rd International Semantic Web Conference, pages pp. 576-591, Hiroshima, Japan.
PhUrl: """In particular, there is an observed dearth of discussion on how to deliver knowledge sharing in an environment such as the Semantic Web in effective and efficient manners"""
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