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last updated at 2005-02-13 21:34
danbri: See announcement by Dmitry Borodaenko.
danbri: "This module provides optimized storage of RDF data in relational database (PostgreSQL) and is used by Samizdat open publishing and collaboration engine as its main data storage."
danbri: Interesting hybrid storage model, "Any data that doesn't fit into your resource tables will be stored as triples in the Resource table. See doc/*.txt and Samizdat documentation for further reading."
danbri: The RDF storage docs have more details. Query language is an extension of Squish.
PhUrl: The mSpace interaction model describes a method of easily representing meaningful slices through these multidimensional spaces. This paper describes the design and creation of a system that implements the mSpace interaction model in a fashion that allows it to be applied across almost any set of RDF data with minimal reconfiguration
PhUrl: from the University of Southhampton
PhUrl: See Also: Writeup here
deltab: (If you're wondering, the lower case is deliberate)
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