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last updated at 2005-01-26 23:41
jsled: "The Piggy-Bank extension is designed to let users of the Mozilla Firefox browser collect and browse "semantic data" linked from ordinary web pages. Semantic data is data described using the Semantic Web project's Resource Description Framework (RDF)."
jsled: From David Huynh, Haystack Group, CSAIL, MIT
Issues with n3.n3, Especially the QName Production Thereof (Agendum Three)
sbp: See also the Turtle Test Cases chumpage, which we'll throw into this agendum too.
sbp: Not discussed in the meeting; defer to next time.
Is @keywords Viable in Notation3? (Agendum Two)
yosi_: See the announcement of n3pp and my attempts to get it to fail
sbp: We were mid-way through discussing this, and the range of feedback so far is various, but tending towards being conservative and preprocessing (sbp, Yosi), or dropping/changing (dajobe).
timbl: Two issues -- is everyone ok with the {$ x,y,z $} syntax, and what to use as a set constructor instead of owl:oneOf.
sbp: If you're really unhappy with {$ p, q, r $} (no optional trailing comma), please sign below.
sbp: Resolved: {$ p, q, r $} is set syntax in N3.
sbp: Resolved: that set:list is to be the set constructor property.
sbp: New subsequent issue: are set members to be considered pairwise disjoint or not; or would it be best to have a syntax for each?
sbp: Resolved: defer this problem to the mailing lists (e.g. www-rdf-logic).
timbl: A short write-up of this problem appended to the DesignIssues note.
Notation3/CWM Scheduled Topic Chat
sbp: See current meeting announcement and agenda.
sbp: The previous meeting was held on 2004-12-13.
sbp: Attending this meeting are:
sbp: Sean B. Palmer, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
dajobe: Dave Beckett
yosi_: Yosi Scharf
crschmidt: Christopher Schmidt
danbri: DanBri, Bristol, Europe (W3C).
timbl: Tim Berners-Lee Massachusetts USA
sbp: Next meeting tentatively scheduled for 2005-02-16T18:00Z (cf. #swig discussion); announcement to be sent to public-cwm-talk.
Turtle Test Cases
sbp: The Turtle conformance section points off to test cases for Turtle and a file.
sbp: WARNING: the file mentioned above inflates to the current directory. Always unzip -l first!
sbp: n3parser.tests, via DesignIssues/Notation3
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