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last updated at 2005-01-25 21:34
DanC: found via slashdot article on Coyotos
DanC: " Building on the features of ACL2, BitC incorporates explicit suport for stating theorems and invariants about the program as part of the program's text,"
DanC: hmm... nearby, in Using OSDoc "the XSL-FO standard screwed up lists so completely that no conforming implementation is useful for non-trivial documents"
DanC: and "DocBook uses very long tag names that no reasonable human being would choose to type. In our experience, nearly all XML/SGML input is actually authored using plain text editors. We wanted something closer to HTML."
DanC: perhaps fodder for spec-prod, esp. w.r.t. some recent internal discussions of tools to support W3C WGs
DanC: small world! " Initially we did intend to use DocBook. As chance would have it, the origins of the DocBook DTD trace back to the Davenport Group, a working group formed by Marcia Alan at HaL Computer Systems. Shapiro was one of the HaL founders, and we'ld certainly like to use the work that Marcia's group started and Norm Walsh has steadfastly continued."
DanC: (I used to work at HaL and I attended some Davenport meetings)
danbri: by Jeremy J. Carroll
DanC: Jun 2001
jsled: Simple forms-based editor for Userland/RSS/2.0 content, as a firefox extension.
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