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last updated at 2005-01-10 06:11
CloCkWeRX: Dead simple flat file provided by tv stations... can anyone think of a way of finding this information
CloCkWeRX: 3.2 All terrestrial television broadcasters are assigned call
CloCkWeRX: signs (such as "KDKA" or "WQED") to identify their signal.
CloCkWeRX: Does anyone know of a list of such identifiers publically available, or am I going to have to hunt down the FCC/world equivalents
CloCkWeRX: Not exactly comprehensive, based on a webservice.
CloCkWeRX: Try Network 10, Melbourne for instance:
CloCkWeRX: Suggestions on possible IFP's for TV programs more than welcomed, as well as other feedback.
CloCkWeRX: See also:
CloCkWeRX: See also:
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