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last updated at 2005-01-09 19:12
timbl_: Why you can't assume some RDF in a document is asserted by the documenr unless it is in <rdf:RDF> or something else which as specified implies that the RDF inside it is asserted.
timbl_: If you want cwm to make that assumption, then use cwm --rdf=T foo.rdf and it will assume tht any other XML in the file is transparent to RDF. See cwm --help
crschmidt: I'm not sure whether DAWG has considered collections at all... there doesn't seem to be much information about them, if any, in the Sparql doc at this point
crschmidt: There is Accessing Collections in the issue list, but the "Subject:" link doesn't give any results
crschmidt: Currently, unless I'm missing something important in the RDQL documentation, getting a list of items contained by a collection is hard/impossible with one query
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