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last updated at 2005-01-08 18:46
DanC_lap: found thru google... haven't read it in detail yet, but the 1st bit jives with my memory...
timbl_: ""
timbl_: Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1
larsbot: The OASIS PubSubj TC has just posted a new version of its URIs for countries and languages
larsbot: This time, with RDF versions of the metadata about the URIs
larsbot: Comments much welcome
DanC: oh? sounds interesting!
DanC_lap: hmm... I get unicode bugs when I try to read it with cwm
DanC_lap: and lots of XHTML validation errors
DanC_lap: ah... "Please note that this page is not published in its correct location, nor are the identifier URIs finalized yet."
DanC_lap: "Feedback is very much desired, either to the chair or to the TC mailing list." links please?
DanC_lap: tried following the " OASIS PubSubj TC" link; 404
DanC_lap: IANA keeps a list of countries too. but they're not hip enough to do it in RDF yet.
DanC_lap: or even valid HTML. sigh.
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