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last updated at 2005-01-07 22:31
dajobe: some evidence a semantic web industry exists
dajobe: pointers to work, vocabs, tools and discussion
dviner: listing of some interesting RDF examples for describing images.
crschmidt: From Golbeck
golbeck: Formal paper about the survey soon to be finalized, but a very rough draft is available at for the curious.
danbri: " META Signatures is an email security technology proposal describing how cryptographic digital signatures can be added to email messages automatically by mail transport systems."
danbri: "Such signatures can eliminate possibility of email forgery and this should improve user's trust in email system, reduce the amount of unwanted emails (a lot of it is currently forged) and make it possible to track those who engaged in bad activities so that correct legal means could be applied to make email environment safe for everyone."
danbri: via the SPF mailing list, communally bookmarked here in hope I'll find time to read it, and that others will share their views on it.
PhUrl: it is funny that google has placed an ad on this term itself
PhUrl: This search produces the following ad
PhUrl: who said that google was not interested in the semantic web?
PhUrl: Maybe semantic integration is a term that is not %100 associated with the semantic web.
larsbot: Actually, searching for "topic maps" gives the same result, FWIW
crschmidt: Also, anyone who runs Google ads can tell you that they're not perfectly based on the content: For example, julie's homepage picks up "IRCbot.Trojan: Get virus protection!"
PhUrl: Yes, but it is interesting what google is placing ads for hiring themselves
PhUrl: Gives an overview of the industry support of semweb. references Foaf,SwoRDFish
PhUrl: references Semantic Development in the Enterprise has a nice quote "You are basically creating an environment where we're going to have as much semantic trash as we have information trash on the web."
PhUrl: References contivovms that uses semantic technology to integrate software
PhUrl: "Contivo VMS is an innovative, patented and customer proven, semantic integration technology. Integration architects and developers can leverage Contivo VMS to capture, manage and leverage the semantics of their data across their integration projects."
PhUrl: at least the industy cats seem to want to apply semantic web concepts to the software itself as a subject of reference
PhUrl: References Tree of Knowledge (Technologies), nice
edd: not yet heard enough from semweb people, do consider submitting more
edd: apart from the core tech and apps, people here might be very interested in submitting something for the open data track.
edd: loads of useful background on the conf available courtesy of robin cover
DanC: Mark S. Manasse
DanC: at the W3C DRM workshop in 2001
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