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last updated at 2005-01-03 21:10
dajobe: adding XML writer API, improved RDF/XML serializer, new RSS 1.0 serializer and lots of other changes
dajobe: the $50 answer on how to version software
dajobe: my answer, nobody'll take an X.0 version seriously. Ship X.1 or X.2 first
jhendler: A Japanese translation of the Sem Web book
PhUrl: another predicate is rdfcatid
PhUrl: another predicate is rdfExternalPage
PhUrl: See this wiki page for further information DmozRdf
PhUrl: from max maischein, a frankfurt perl monger
PhUrl: an interactive, scriptable shell for filling out web forms in perl
PhUrl: like foaf, but not as cool
Arnia: Question is, why don't they use RDF to describe their network ;)
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