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last updated at 2004-12-29 23:37
xavier: very very alpha
xavier: however, usable.
xavier: PM or email me with any bugs you find :-)
Phurl: CIA is one of the more innovative projects to come to open source. What CIA does is amazing, it keeps track of projects. A lot of them. It keeps stats, keeps a list of who commits to source code repositories, and even has meta data regarding projects.
Phurl: The metadata is set here
danbri: Any connection with DOAP yet?
chaalsMEL: Bascially links to specific sites for things like Darfur, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, ...
chaalsMEL: They are collections of useful info for people working in the relevant area.
libby: "News and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts"
libby: there's also a wiki
libby: Guardian article mentioning the weblog
libby: "The internet, reasonably reliable and fast, is not used by authorities nor rescue services to communicate, despite the fact that it has been up without interruption during the entire crisis. Governments and authorities should use the internet as we do. Costs would be lower and results much better coordinated." (quote in the article from Ms Di Maio)
libby: Reuters alertnet is a humanitarian news network, seems to be aimed at NGOs
danbri: Vaguely related, UNESCO's Community Multimedia Centres, which I was reading about yesterday.
libby: BBC message boards
libby: BBC reporters' logs from the diaster areas
libby: some ways to donate
libby: even more places to donate
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