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last updated at 2004-12-25 18:28
DanC_lap: cute... synchronizes day-of-week with day-of-month, so that Dec 17 is always on a Saturday
DanC_lap: slop fixed with "Newton week" rather than leap day
DanC_lap: google nominates Calendar Reform but I can't seem to get there
DanC_lap: story in SingOnSanDiego
PhUrl: See also Our Year on calenders frmo the sky
PhUrl: See also The female lunar calendar the period
PhUrl: See also, the chinese calender
PhUrl: The jewish calendar is based on a lunar one
PhUrl: A nice history of the Leap Year
PhUrl: Wearble GiZmo :)
PhUrl: The tatto version!
PhUrl: just remember not to feed it after midnight
PhUrl: and dont expose it to bright light
danbri: "Our FOAF implementation is currently fairly simple (and is similar to LiveJournal's). However, the files will shortly take more information from the profile screens (of course, only information that has been marked public). Eventually the FOAF file will also be used to specify files you've authored, or co-authored."
danbri: Nearby: " Creation of a learning landscape: weblogging and social networking in the context of e-portfolios" (pdf, google HTML).
danbri: Which has some more notes on ELGG, which is apparently opensource (or will be, keep an eye on the run your own ELGG page.
danbri: more comments on this from Jeremy Hiebert.
danbri: (not directly related; a pic from foafcamp last year, just decorating the #swig page ;)
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