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last updated at 2004-12-24 19:21
crschmidt: Written mostly on the two hour flight I took earlier today
crschmidt: I started out with Redland, and was planning to continue using it: I compiled it for my Mac.
crschmidt: However, I forgot to install the bindings, which made working in Python rather difficult
crschmidt: So, I converted it over to rdflib. Which is quite nice.
crschmidt: See Also the Program Output for the selected file. It's still a bit verbose, but not too bad, all in all
Phurl: Unifies all the ideas of the introspector under one node.
ear1grey_: and thanks for answering all the questions...
danbri: A great reason to learn Japanese!
danbri: I saw some drafts when I was in Tokyo for SVGOpen and had lunch w/ LibbyM, EricP, Jim Ley and Masahide Kanzaki.
libby_: congratulations Masahide :)
danbri: He was kind enough to tolerate my juvenile attempts to learn a little Japanese, and to show me some drafts-in-progress of the book. Of course I only really followed the pictures and examples, bt it is an impressive piece of work. It cover a well chosen range of topics, and even summarises RDF model theory in an appendix.
danbri: The book has a homepage , table of contents. There's also a sample PDF (though my PDF reader seems I18N-impaired).
danbri: Nearby in the Web: Kanzaki's semweb pages, several of which have a good few English annotations, as well as images and examples.
libby: Masahide's documentation on calendaring and image annotation was better than anything else we did for English speakers, even though it was mostly in Japanese...!
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