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last updated at 2004-12-22 21:31
danbri: Seems interestingly RDF-esque. Am trying to figure out how close it is.
mattb: mostly complete, but missing a few tricky modules here and there
mattb: when I tried an early beta, i couldn't find an rdf parser that would run on it because not all the XML libraries were there
mattb: that may well have changed
bblfish: I will try to work on a much larger example next
libby: by Sean Bechhofer, Raphael Volz
libby: saw this at ISWC 2004, interesting stuff - survey of what OWL documents are out there and how people go wrong with owl DL
libby: poland++
kasei: poland+=5
libby: see semweb packages
libby: not what I thought but still interesting - about queries over distributed SW data rather than queries over one repository
libby: looks like a pretty neat idea, but not downloads on the SEWASE website
libby: looks like Zoran Majkic was working on it
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