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last updated at 2004-12-16 18:07
DanC: nearby: information
DanC: there are various cyc encodings in RDF/OWL. I tend to use: @prefix k: <>.
crschmidt: That is the CYC namespace that julie is set to use as well
DanC: seems to be current, per OpenCyc
DanC: grumble... has gone 404
DanC: hm... wikipedia on Mereology is much shorter. Is it any good?
Arnia: The wikipedia entry on mereology isn't bad. I recommend reading Enrico Franconi's 1993 paper on plural quantification though. That, and his subsequent paper on event structure, gives some indication of the expressive power of this stuff. Its quite easy to read too
bijan: Evidence of the recommended (by me) stylistic convention for naming classes and properties.
bijan: """(This statement uses a common convention that class names are written with an initial uppercase letter, while property and instance names are written with an initial lowercase letter. However, this convention is not required in RDF Schema. The statement also assumes that has decided to define separate vocabularies for classes of things, and instances of things.)"""
bijan: Bit wishwashier than I'd put it.
PhUrl: MonetDB allows PROXIMITY to be orders of magnitude faster than systems hosted on SQL databases for the kinds of operations needed by relational knowledge discovery.
PhUrl: MonetDB is one of the first database systems to focus its query optimization effort on exploiting CPU caches.
PhUrl: MonetDB can be used in application areas that performance-wise are no-go areas for using traditional database technology in a real-time manner.
PhUrl: This looks like a good target for redland, instead of using mysql
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