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last updated at 2004-12-14 15:20
crschmidt: Still in development; looking for some feedback at the moment
crschmidt: Primarily created for use with lorebot, to generate RDF/XML output from the input that it has
crschmidt: Primarily created by Daniel O'Conner (clockwerx), with minor nitpickings from me
crschmidt: Based on the IRC RFC (Despite the fact that many servers violate it in one way or another)
jsled: Does an IRC Client really have foaf:Agen[cy]?
jsled: I guess as described, yes. But the description for a "Client", here, runs a bit counter to the normal use of "irc client".
jsled: Maybe that's all just in my head, however, and I should consider an IRC Client an IRC User Agent. :p
danja: lower-case semantic web bits
danja: "XHTML tables are the new CSV" (!)
Talliesin: Some people seem to code them as if they are the old CSV :(
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