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last updated at 2004-12-10 14:55
verbosus: by Stefano David and Enrico Franconi
verbosus: a component of the Dbin project
verbosus: developed by Giovanni Tummarello and Christian Morbidoni
ldodds: A simple Java scutter. Does nothing particularly fancy but has a fairly clean framework for extending it
ldodds: Implements the draft ScutterVocab that can be found at
danbri: "The reason it doesn't add the triples directly to a triple store is because I wanted to be able to collect a chunk of RDF files locally for processing in different ways, e.g. to test out smushing algorithms, look for common authoring mistakes, etc.". Also potentially to check digital signatures?
ldodds: Source is available under a CC ShareAlike licence
ldodds: DanbrI: Yes. I was interested in working with the original source RDF/XML, and thats another obvious use
danbri: I had a chat w/ Jose from W3C this week about the XKMS key management work, and esp re generalising from PGP signing of RDF/XML documents to use of W3C's XML Dsig work. (and also re encryption). Some potential there I think.
verbosus: by Max Jacob
verbosus: by P. Bouquet, L. Serafini, S. Zanobini
verbosus: By E. Damiani, S. De Capitani di Vimercati, C. Fugazza, and P. Samarati
verbosus: Danny Ayers’ slides for this workshop
benja_: The Semantic Web is all about relations.
verbosus: Semantic Web Applications and Perspective, workshop in Ancona (Italy)
verbosus: About to go: Danny Ayers should begin his presentation shortly (he’s registering this very moment)
sbp: See also the announcement on public-cwm-talk which contains extensive installation instructions and notes.
crschmidt: Just doing a little phenny tour for sethl
logger: See discussion
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