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last updated at 2004-12-09 22:35
DanC: chuckle... This might be advantageous because attentive human programmers are commonly in short supply.
DanC: I have long assumed that I know what this paper says, since I talk with EricM and MSM about it from time to time.
DanC: today I'm actually reading it. Kinda slow going. Many words.
crschmidt: They're using different headers than me sigh
jsled: crschmidt thought of it first, but didn't bother to tell anyone. :)
crschmidt: Different header is to allow for expandability of FOAF in the future: X-FOAF-mboxsha1sum or something similar
crschmidt: Of course, since you're getting an email from the person, one would hope you'd have the tools available to find that, but I suppose that it's easier for apps to have it prebuilt
jsled: Well, the email address of the message might not be the best mbox for the person...
PhUrl: Contains a reference to the "Hochschul-Competenz-Center SAP R/3?"
PhUrl: Not to be konfused(sic) with the Computer-Competenz-Center
PhUrl: Or the Competenz Center Rechenzentrums in the area of the Moers
PhUrl: I wonder when the Competenz Center of correkt communikation is koming?
benja_: Nor the Creativitäts- und Competenz-Centrum (CCC!)
benja_: (See also the previous entry, Edd Dumbill On Folly)
PhUrl: Has been saved to My Blog so that this entry can be deleted for being off topic
benja_: Column by Edd Dumbill, entitled "On Folly"
edd: actually, I think you'll find I'm in favor of the semantic web.
benja_: I never doubted that.
crschmidt: This script provides some convenience when editing XML documents.
KjetilK: Keywords: Federated Administration, Access Control Based On Attributes, Active Management of Privacy, OpenSAML based, etc
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