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last updated at 2004-11-30 17:51
howardk: A tutorial on converting a simple XML vocabulary into its corresponding RDF
howardk: and some of the issues involved
howardk: (You have to register with IBM,
howardk: but it's not too instrusive a process)
CloCkWeRX: Authored by one of the UnrealIRCd developers, specifically for statistics output from IRC servers
CloCkWeRX: Supports "HTML and XML" output, so is probably a good candidate for any IRC related RDF output
danbri: Freenode is dancer ircd I think, know if it can be built against that?
CloCkWeRX: HTML for all of those who don't like word/pdf
libby: 2004-12-06 19:00. but I think you have to sign up to find out where
chaalsMEL: Hideout Cafe, Brunswick street Fitzroy
chaalsMEL: But it's a secret...
libby: cool linking visualizer for musical artists - try elvis presley
libby: powered by musicplasma
libby: based on Dublin Core
libby: in pdf or word only...
libby: problem: how on earth do governments choose between standards?
libby: standardizing the use of standards? ;)
bijan: The great thing about metastandards is that there's no way to pick just one.
danbri: On alongside #swig. See chump bot weblog (as invented by Bijan Parsia, visionary :).
danbri: Also worth noting the public-sws-ig list is pretty active lately, if you're looking to increase your email dose.
bijan: Remember, the amount of email you get is directly correlated with the size of your....
bijan: ...inbox.
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