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last updated at 2004-11-24 23:38
danbri: I was going to say 'kickass' but Libby said I've been sounding American of late. Cellspotting is a smashing idea.
crschmidt: It's mostly a non-american practice, it seems: only one other cell in my area (at the airport)
crschmidt: Could use some work (and open source would be nice) but I'm not expecting it, although i did send an email to the guy who runs it asking.
danbri: I think a good few of us have long wished someone would do this, and now someone has. Haven't investigate the details yet (data license terms etc.)
danbri: Shame they're ruling out commercial uses in terms of service. This sort of stuff is good for small businesses etc. I'd prefer a Creative Commons 'commercial is ok; share-a-like' sort of arrangement.
danbri: Cool though :)
crschmidt: They've got a number of problems with it: can't enter cells offline (so no collect->upload kind of thing), pretty ugly general interface, login is all based on imei (which is a pain to remember/type in)
crschmidt: But rough consensus and working code always lead the day :)
sbp: Don't ask. No SW/RDF content.
Semantic Web Interest Group IRC hangout is now #swig (#rdfig users please note)
danbri: Semantic Web IG's main channel is now #swig on IRC, where RDF-related hack'n'chat continues as normal.
danbri: Please update your IRC client to join #swig instead of #rdfig (and configure UTF-8 charset if possible, as well as auto-identify with 'nickserv' so we can build some more helpful bots that know who-is-who).
danbri: Thanks!
crschmidt: In order to create unique identifiers, please set a URL, Email, or ICQ ID with nickserv
danbri: I forgot that bit, thanks Chris :)
crschmidt: For more information on setting these, /msg nickserv help set
danbri: Type "/msg nickserv help" to get started, or see online documentation.
danbri: eg. I've just (after logging in with "/msg nickserv identify ...") done "/msg nickserv set url". It's easy. And fun. And educational. Msg nickserv today!
danbri: And my homepage has a LINK tag, rel="meta" pointing to my RDF self-description in FOAF. Hmm except I got the URL wrong. But you get the idea.
danbri: If everyone here nickserv-identifies, we can do things like auto-generate a page showing pictures of who is online, links to their blogs etc., which might help with putting names to faces.
danbri: The +f facility looks like it could auto-bounce people into #swig when they try to join #rdfig
danbri: Or would it be better for people to consciously reconfigure their IRC clients? I'm leaning towards having people do it by hand, hoping they'll take the time to set up UTF-8 and nickserv identification at same time.
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