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last updated at 2004-11-22 17:14
danbri: Thoughts on relation to RDF-wordnet lexical representation gratefully received...
danbri: Dialect indication 'nice to have', re eg. scouse en-uk-ese: The pronunciation lexicon markup may provide a mechanism for indicating the dialect or language variation for each pronunciation, as described in RFC 3066 [RFC3066], such as "en-scounse".(sic)
danbri: Anyone know a namespace or controlled vocab for dialects (at various granularities)? eg. Scouse or northern pronunciation of "Bath". eg2. Syrian vs Egyptian pronunciation in spoken Arabic....
danbri: Am discussing this now with Max Froumentin, in context of the structures pre-drafted in SWBP's exploration of wordnet-rdf, and desire w/ Brian McBride to find solid use-cases for the lexical rather than class-oriented representation.
dajobe: that's using the RDF form and restful URI design too
dajobe: here's some rdf/xml (RSS 1.0) on BBC World Service Vietnamese news
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