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last updated at 2004-11-12 22:51
crschmidt: Canadian Semantic Web Interest Group is holding a little symposium in Montreal next week. SWIG '04.
crschmidt: Eric Duval is giving a keynote at the LORNET conference on e-learning the day before, at the same venue
crschmidt: Title is Learning Objects and the Semantic Web
crschmidt: Stomping on Joel's feet with this, since the name and concept were originally his, but he's stepped out from maintaining his project, so I'm stepping up.
crschmidt: This version of the FOAFer is very simple: no in-page display, nothing other than a visual indicator that there is content on the page that indicates a FOAF page is attached
crschmidt: Based on the commonly used DOAP extension, and does pretty much exactly the same thing, only with FOAF instead of DOAP.
crschmidt: Apparently 1.0 isn't ".9+". So, I had to update the RDF install file a bit in order to get it to work.
crschmidt: .4 has been released for a while now, but a lot of people are just updating to 1.0 for the first time this week.
crschmidt: Looking back at this, it seems that the DOAP URL has changed. I've updated the URL, and updated the icons to be .png instead of .jpg (the .jpgs looked pretty crappy). Anyway, a new release! 1.0 this time, since I've worked out all the bugs I'm going to bother to work out.
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