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last updated at 2004-11-07 07:47
some places to find semweb data
libby: swoogle database of semweb documents
libby: crawlers: matt bidulph's, in python, andreas harth's jena-based one, in java
libby: ALVIS EU project has a plan to create an open source crawler, based on combine, I think
libby: jim ley's foaf data dumps from 2003
libby: some other places to look for data
libby: jim ley has a scutter but you have to write to him to get it
libby: we need more scutters!
libby: swoogle's list of crawlers
crschmidt: always has the most recent serialization of julie's database.
crschmidt: (Not that it's neccesarily up to date - if you want something that's up to date, drop me a line.)
An Initial Investigation into Querying an Untrustworthy and Inconsistent Web - Yuanbo Guo and Jeff Heflin
libby: no paper on the web yet
libby: working only with consistent sets of documents
libby: checking this consistency takes some time; they are looking to see how this can be improved e.g. when two documents don't overlap with each other
jhendler: not in the workshop, but fits the theme...
A Classification Scheme for Trust Functions in Reputation-Based Trust Management. Qing Zhang and Ting Yu
libby: looks good, no paper yet
libby: interesting stuff in here about people signing graphs and then stating that they assert everything in the graph
libby: they have implemented it as a named graph API for Jena
libby: Chris Bizer is giving the talk
libby: lots of Chris Bizers
libby: including some interesting stuff about limiting access to information to what is required for the transaction, including to entities who you trust completely
libby: schedule (I googled for these and found a bunch of them lonline)
libby: Jen's papers on trust
libby: I can't find the paper though...shame, it's interesting
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