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last updated at 2004-11-01 21:45
dajobe: the last SWADE release of redland work
edd: /me applauds
timbl: Why isn't the graph syntax N3-like?
danbri_dna: Why should it be?
timbl: The working group apparently decided to use a special syntax for query, but I think they were shortsighted, and users will suffer in having to learn a third RDF syntax.
DanC: (strictly speaking, the WG is still discussing it and hasn't decided anything in particular)
bengee: but for people who only learned rdf/xml so far, isn't learning an SQLish language easier than N3?
timbl: Use case: Fred finds an interesting feature in his clinical trials data which is reading in N3. He wonders whether there is anything else like it. He pastes the N3 into a query window, substitutes variables for some of the nodes, and does a query.
timbl: This specific question isn't about the SQLish keywords. It is about what comes between them: The triples.
bengee: ah, ok
logger: See discussion
danbri: If that's the case, maybe the HTML WG's RDF/A syntax, which is also a new W3C syntax for RDF, should have holes left in it for (ab)use as an RDF QL?
crschmidt: Just looking at the TimeZone code
danbri: "Use RDF models in your Java applications with the Jena Semantic Web Framework"
danbri: Shows examples using Wordnet-in-RDF (Melnik variant) and RDQL
danbri: (Hmm... potential for update to track Best Practices Wordnet work and DAWG SPARQL query language?)
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