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last updated at 2004-10-15 21:58
Confidentiality vs Availability
logger: See discussion
DanC: see also: DanC's notes on ConfidentialityVersusAvailability
DanC: how to keep ones pgp/gpg key secret and yet not lose it?
sbp: "National Institute of Standards and Technology (...) concluded that most CDs and DVDs will last 30 years or more if handled with care, but many factors can slash their longevity" - DVD And CD Longevity Examined
DanC: see also: LOCKSS
sbp: But opinions gleaned from Google vary widely in their appraisal of CD-R longevity, and the NIST test may have been for commerical pressings only. On CD-Rs specifically: ""Quality is primarily determined by efforts at the manufacturing facility, and depends less on types of dyes or metallizations." - CD-R Media Survey (Jerome L. Hartke, Media Sciences, Inc.)
sbp: Which again conflicts with other articles.
sbp: Historically if you want to preserve information, this fares well: a) lots of copies b) use a persistent material (anything that soaks up water or catches fire isn't good) c) don't go digital (look at the Domesday Book project) d) get public acceptance of it (doesn't work in this case).
DanC: domesday... reminds me of TheCostOfBeingDifferent (an as-yet-unwritten essay)
jhendler: interesting, this stuff only works with some OWL in it (to allow unambiguous properties and "sameAs") but the article doesn't mention it by name
jhendler: does vaguely say at the end that it uses OWL
jhendler: I don't know if this is because it is striving for simplicity (it doesn't mention RDFS by name either) or because it is lacking technical detail that would
jhendler: help in explaining it...
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