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last updated at 2004-10-11 18:54
edd: How to configure Apache2 for use with Zope, with caching.
DanC: much ado about information resources and httpRange-14
DanC: including a decision on information resources and a plan to go to PR and REC this year!
DanC: also, fun with MeetingRecords and GRDDL
jhendler: Danny Wietzner, DanC, TimBL and I have put together a paper on some ideas on how rules could be used in web access and such
jhendler: to appear in a book eventually (citation on the page above)
jhendler: page above lists abstract and citation, with a link to the PDF file if you want the whole thing
danbri_dna: See files and scripts page for RDF background.
danbri: 中国数字图书馆标准与规范建设
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