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last updated at 2004-10-09 23:39
chaalsPVG: Where terms like fuzziness are actually defined
chaalsPVG: Using the BorderSegment GeoXtension to describe a region, while noting that the boundaries are not really exact
chaalsPVG: The particular example is pretty random.
teefal: For those waiting to play the first game of PhotoBingo, we're good to go with this new release. The "First FOAF Bingo" game will begin at 3am ET on October 14th and will last ten days, ending 3am ET October 24th.
teefal: Only players who attended FOAF Galway will receive a bingo jersey, but all who ask nicely will get the "magic word" needed to play.
KjetilK: In case someone feels like educating the masses...
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